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Hhs Risk Adjustment Model Algorithm

... contains important information and a detailed explanation about hhs risk adjustment model algorithm ... which is also related with , hhs risk adjustment model algorithim instructions, risk adjustment documentation, coding & quality, risk adjustment documentation, coding & quality toolbook.

Chronic Condition Toolbook: Diabetes - Optum com

Due to the updated, clinically revised CMS-HCC Medicare risk adjustment model for Payment Year 2015, ... ICD-10-CM Coding Categories for Diabetic manifestations2 Providers can improve patients' quality of life and outcomes When PAD or atherosclerosis is documented as a manifestation of diabetes or secondary .

Health care quality toolbook - Van Lang IPA

Optum can play a critical role in helping providers implement best practices to .... Educating providers on proper documentation and coding to help ensure accurate, legible . the past 30 days and depression risk in addition to height and weight Adjustment model for payment year 2016 driven by 2015 dates of service.